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When did you realize http://www.sytg.co.uk you have a foot fetish Please report inappropriate posts such as rude or malicious comments, or pics you believe to be impostors.Do not re host or repost r/feet own foot model pics.Group multiple pics of a set into an album and one post.Do not flood the forum.There is a 3 post max for each session.Here is how to do this on a mobile device.Posts should link to a hosted image.Direct links to porn sites, tumblr, 4chan, etc., are not permitted.No posting or asking for personal info.No spam or solicitation of services or money.Posters who post pics that they taken, either candid or of their so, may request flair.Post high quality pictures.There are two major paths that one could take when trying to understand the foot fetish, one would be that at a younger age when the brain was still forming its more basic connections, some kind of pleasure or positive thing was experienced having to do with feet, and this formed a special connections in the brain that linked future experiences with feet to the pleasure center of the brain.Another line of thought(More along the lines of evolutionary psychology, maybe even a bit with sexual selection)Would be that there is something deeper, more evolutionary in our brains that connects with feet.Perhaps what we see as nice/attractive feet, is a way of our brain way of telling us that perhaps the person is more”Fit”As a partner.If i were to extrapolate further, you could say that perhaps the brain things that tge shape of their feet would allow them run faster or walk further without tiring. (This may be completely counter intuitive, but who ever said the subconscious brain was rational? )I had a tickle fetish ever since i was a kid.It didn become sexual until hormones kicked in.I knew i had always liked feet tickling the best, but never realized i was also just attracted to feet in general.I didn realize it until senior year in college.I was giving a cute young guy i had been playing with a hand job.My hands got tired and i told him to take over.I remember i had been staring at his feet and the last time we played we had given each other foot massages with tickles thrown.I remember think his feet were hot.While is was pleasing himself i finally acted out and started touching his feet.It was first massaging, but before i knew it i was also licking, kissing, and rubbing my face on them.He shot a huge load and said playing with his feet helped.I also love receiving foot worship as well.I am exshobitionist who also has a foot fetish herself, so i really enjoy taking foot pics.I actually spent some time examining my psyche for the answer to this and i think i pinpointed where it came from.I tried to deny it for a while, simply and bluntly because it seemed a little twisted, but i think a similar experience probably defines a lot of the specific fetishes that people have.When i was a lot younger(2 6yrs old)My dad was military and we spent some time in japan.My mom didn work a standard 9 5 job, so she spent a lot of time at home watching me and my brother.She was your quintessential 80 rocker chic.Big hair that changed all the time(She was a hair dresser in the states), loud fashionable wardrobe, and of course, extravagant manicures and pedicures.I remember watching her work on her feet constantly.She was always pedicured and polished.I remember her doing that strange straight leg walk with foam between her http://www.vvvrm.co.uk/toes around our condo a lot.In japan, everyone is usually in some sort of open toed shoe damn near all the time(At least thats what i can recall).I didn know at the time that i was in fact building pretty substantial criteria for what i would find attractive later on in life.Nowadays, i do find myself constantly sneaking looks at girls in sandals, flip flops, taking note of their choice of footwear, and how well they take care of their feet.I cannot stand it when a girl lets her nails go half polished chipped.I know its kind of dumb but i can help it.Similar to another post i read, i do get a little internally excited if a girl i work with(I work in an er)Comes in on a day off to turn in their schedules or what have you, and they are wearing flip flops or something.I pretty open about it now, so a lot of them know about it, and at the risk of sounding a little arrogant, i pretty sure there have been a couple who might have done this to me on purpose.This next part may or may not be true, but i feel like i can somehow kind of tell things about a girls personality based on her feet.The best way i can describe it is like how forrest gump said he could tell”A lot about someone by their shoes. “I dated an asian girl who took care of her feet much like my mother did(I didn know this until after we moved in together).She had a very regimented pedicure schedule, and took meticulously close care of hers.Aesthetically, i liked her feet when she would wear heels, but not in sandals.Upon later examination, i discovered that this should have told me that she was a little overly high maintenance(Meticulous care of feet), and that she was an entirely different person between being out and being at home(Nice in heels, not so much with sandals).Another quick example that proved this for me was with a girl that needed to have surgery on her feet when she was younger, but refused, and later had a lot of pain just from walking.She has some of the cutest feet i had ever seen(They were oiled and massaged at her beck and call), I could tell that there was something wrong with her phalangeal/tarsal joint structure(Really, its just barely enough to notice).Again, upon later examination, i realized this should have told me that we could have worked as a couple, but there were some very serious issues that started long ago that needed to be fixed before that would happen(Mentally, not her feet).I don have a hugely sexual attraction to feet, meaning i don have a huge need to be played with by them, suck on toes or lick soles every time i have sex, but there is definitely something buried deep that gets triggered when i know that when a girl i date has nice feet(A girl without nice feet is a red flag for me now), I going to get them all to myself.

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