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Michael kors totes bags How to find affordable chanel handbags michael kors outlet online Chanel handbags are known for their style, high quality michael kors outlet online and expert craftsmanship.This high fashion line uses only the finest materials for their handbags, and women all over the world covet them.As a result, chanel handbags come with hefty price tags attached.You don have to pay a fortune michael kors bags outlet for your own chanel handbag.Retailers such as these often offer designer purses and hand bags at discounted prices.Try to check with them regularly as their inventories tend to fluctuate.Often, when a particular purse sells out, they don get more of that particular model.2Search for Chanel handbags at online auction sites such as eBay.You can choose to only search for brand new handbags or for even better prices, you can search for used handbags.People tend to take great care of their purses so you can generally find used designer items that are in stellar shape.Make sure the seller ensures it is an authentic chanel handbag and not a replica.Most sellers accept paypal as their preferred method of payment.3Browse high end department stores at the end of the season.Most stores discount items at the season close to prepare for the next season items which are coming in.Designer purses will often be discounted in order to purge the inventory for the new designs.You can sometimes find great deals this way.4Check out outlet stores.Designer brands such as chanel feature outlet stores where merchandise is discounted over standard retail prices.The merchandise may be slightly defective or just overstocked, and as a result the prices are lower.Ask a sales associate if there are any possible defects on the bags that interest you.5Shop local boutiques regularly to take advantage of sales Cheap Michael Kors Handbags.If a boutique is going out of business or moving, you sure to find great deals on the store chanel offerings.6Look for high end thrift stores in your area, if you don mind a used Chanel handbag.Various large cities feature thrift stores that only sell designer or very high quality items.Ensure your chanel handbag is wholly authentic prior to purchasing.Check for an authenticity card with a serial number and the serial number on the bag.Make sure these numbers match. Patent leather purses feature classic style and cheap michael kors handbags brilliant shine.If your patent leather handbag has lost its vibrant glow, you will need to follow precise cleaning steps to brighten your bag and remove spots.Mix one part mild liquid detergent with four parts cold water.Apply the soapy solution to the patent leather with a cotton baby diaper or old rag.Pat dry with a clean rag.2Apply nail polish remover to rid your patent bag of black scuffs.Soak a cotton ball in acetone free remover.Press the cotton ball firmly against each scuff mark.Dip the clean end of a t shirt in cold water and remove the polish remover.Place the bag in a well ventilated drying area for a minimum of 24 hours.3Use rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains and pen marks.Mix two parts alcohol with one part water.Apply this solution to the purse using a cotton ball.Saturate the pen mark by pressing the cotton to the patent leather firmly.Wait seven to 10 minutes.Using an old t shirt, wipe the leather to remove any traces of the ink stain.4Add shine with a vinegar and water solution.Mix 3 to 4 tbsp.Of vinegar with a half cup of lukewarm water.Wipe the bag with a clean white cloth to remove the smell of vinegar from the patent leather michael kors outlet online.5Use glass cleaner to add additional gloss to patent leather.Spray the glass cleaner on a clean t shirt.Light rub the purse to clean. How to distinguish genuine coach bags from cheap michael kors handbags fake Coach handbags are high quality, handmade cheap michael kors handbags michael kors handbags outletbags.They have been in production since 1941 when they started in a small workshop in manhattan.Coach bags are coveted among many fashion minded women, but are notoriously expensive.The cost of the bags has led to the rise of counterfeits.Many women hold parties in their homes to sell the popular but illegal counterfeit bags.If the serial number is missing or contains any spaces at all, the bag is fake.2Examine the fabric.If the bag is leather, it should be soft and smooth, not plastic like.If the leather is fake, if the design of the fabric is offset at the seams or the logo is distorted, the bag is not the real deal.3Use a magnifying glass to inspect the stitching.Coach bags do not have any crooked stitching at all.If there is even one crooked stitch inside or outside of the bag, coach will not sell it.In addition to being straight, the stitches should be small and tight, with consistent stitch lengths.4Look for flaws in the fob, or tag that hangs from the purse.If a metal fob peels, or a leather fob has skewed lettering or crooked stitching, the bag is not a true coach product.Additionally, the fob should be printed with the name on both sides.5Check the zipper imprint for three letters.The real bags have zippers imprinted with ykk.Any other letter combination is a sign that the bag is a fake.6Check the other hardware on the purse Michael Kors Outlet Online.An imprint with the coach name outlined by a box, is an indicator of a true coach.If you purchase a coach purse anywhere else, you run the risk of purchasing illegal counterfeit bags.

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