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Spring fashion 2012 Now that the freezing temperatures of winters are becoming a thing of the past, we can start dreaming of balmy weather, pleasant winds, and of course, our spring wardrobe.The fashion gurus of the world have declared what the biggest fashion trends for spring 2012 are.The most famous fashion shows around the world and the runways have been packed with trends that are going to determine what we wear this new year.This article gives you a peek into what were the biggest trends on the fashion ramps for spring this year. Colors for womenif you have had your fill of the muted colors that ruled the roost in the fall season, then you should be ecstatic about the trends that have been pRedicted for 2012′s spring season.Give the blacks and whites in your wardrobe some rest.The colors that are being touted as the it colors for the spring season have been picked from all over.There is no one influence.The common theme that runs through it all is vibrancy and elegance.So what are the colors that you need to have michael kors bags outlet in your wardrobe this spring?It is time to embrace the warm hues of poppy(Red), geranium(Pink), and tangerine(Orange).On a day when everything seems a little dull, a canary yellow or a tiffany blue may be the perfect shade to step out in and brighten your mood.For those amongst you who prefer to encapsulate the shades of nature in your wardrobe, leaf green and hyacinth are the shades for you.To tone down the pops of color, you can choose from earthy shades like honey, sandstone, and gray blue.[Back to Index] Fashion for women in spring 2012 It’s not the latest trend on the block but it is here to stay.Say hello to colors and mix them up all together.Remember your kindergarten days of combining brilliant shades and hues together.Well it is time to take a trip down memory lane and bring out that hidden artist again.Pops of color rule the roost. Well the easiest way to indulge in this spring trend is to buy a color blocked dress.If you want to get a little more creative but do not want to look like you stepped out of the paint shop, then try to pair a bright top with a more subdued bottom.For the braver women out there, pair two very bold colors like a poppy red and canary yellow.Color blocking is definitely not limited to just your clothes.You can color block using accessories as well.Team a white or black top with shoes, jewelry, and bag in a bright tangerine.So how do you ensure you are on the right track with the color combinations?You can definitely rock more than three colors in one outfit.The thing to remember wear only one neon color, and preferably the colors should be combined in such a manner that there is one bright color, one bold one, and one neutral shade.[Back to Index] Spring always seems a little incomplete without the blast of floral print, and this year is no different.Spring is all about rediscovering the power of flowers.From floral stickers on sheer fabrics to flowy gowns for resort wear;From flowers in all their mismatched glory mixing types and colors to monochromatic flowers, the allure of flowers is here to stay. So how can you wear flowers this season?The options are endless and if you have always liked to experiment with your clothes, then there is so much that you can do.First of all you need to pick a size that you are comfortable with.For some women tiny, dainty prints do the trick and for others the more conspicuous, large statement making prints are the way to go.This spring it is all michael kors sale ukabout giving your floral printed clothes a little edge.Pick darker colors and team them with plain items of clothing.Wear a white shirt with a floral skirt or layer a floral dress with a chambray shirt.While we suggest not mixing patterns, if you think you can pull it off, then try and team plaid and floral prints.They can make for quite an interesting combination.If you are not a huge fan of the print but want to stay on trend, opt for accessories like scarves or even headbands.[Back to Index] Every designer worth his salt had bird prints as an integral design element in their spring collection.From the floral colors inspired birds on the dresses by marc jacobs to the happily tweeting birds perched on clothes by carolina herrera, they were everywhere.It is time that we give the usual leopard prints and zebra stripes some much needed rest and bring out the birds. This can be a print that can be a little tricky to carry off with elan.Unlike leopard prints and zebra stripes which have only the spots and stripes making an appearance, here you have the entire flock on your dress.So how do you wear them?Well it all depends on your sense of style and your general outlook.If you aren’t afraid of big bold prints, then think peacock, pheasants, eagles, and other such birds to stay on trend.If more delicate prints are your style, then opt for tinier birds on your clothes.You could also choose to have a single bird’s image on the dress to kind of focus on the print.If you find the trend a bit too much for your taste, then you can choose to wear accessories that have the print on them.From bags with bird buckles to scarves, and even jewelry, there is something for every one to try out.[Back to Index] The obsession with the cool and soothing blues associated with the sea is not new but the interpretation of aquatic life inspired clothing has been given a makeover this season.Designers including chanel and givenchy showcased their seawater inspired collection by including clutches made of shells and pearl embellished clothes.The designs too used sea inspired motifs. You love the sea and you love your blue but you are a little confused about this new twist on the trend of sea inspired clothing?Well we are here to help.The easiest way to add the trend to your wardrobe is to choose clothes in flowing fabrics in colors that shout out sea to you.But be cautious.Try not to stick to the time tested shades of blue.Opt for colors that are more often than not ignored, like corals, pearls, and greens.Opt to wear clothes that have motifs that define the sea like seahorses, starfish, shells, etc.Also choose to wear accessories that help declare your love for the sea like shark tooth necklaces or pearl headgear.You can also choose to carry bags and purses that have been embellished with shells.There is no one right way to showcase your love for this trend.You can choose to display your inspiration in the most innovative of manners and a style that suits you the best.[Back to Index] From alexander wang to stella mccartney to cynthia rowley, every designer has played around with sportswear in their spring collection to give it a more high fashion touch.If you have always been a sports enthusiast but have hated the way the fashion has been given a bad name, it may be time to take a little inspiration from the biggest names in fashion. Wearing this trend may require you to give the sporty clothes in your wardrobe a little bit of a makeover.Sweatshirts and hoodies are going to be a huge trend this spring but instead of making them the clothing item that you put on as an afterthought, make them the center of attention.Try out sweatshirts and hoodies in pale pastel colors and team them with stark skirts and leather bags.Also replace the sleeves on the jackets with sheer sleeves.Jewel embellished hoodies are also a huge trend.Another way to incorporate sportswear is to use mesh on your clothing in the form of pockets or panels.A trend that may not seem the most wearable but was seen on all major ramps was scuba dresses in bright colors.Want to give your track pants a much needed makeover?It may be time to buy a pair of track pants in silk with gold or bronze detailing.[Back to Index]

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